Cinque Terre

Chairman & MD Message

It is my pleasure to present the Health, Safety and Environment Training for the benefit of all those who are engaged in the profession across the organization. To make it more useful, elaborate safe operating procedures have been described along with sketches/ photographs wherever possible. I hope it will not only provide a new dimension but as well generate interest in the users.

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Training and Development

Training means helping people to learn how to do something, telling people what they should or should not do, or simply giving them information.

Training isn’t just about formal ‘classroom’ courses it’s provide you information and training helps you to work safely without risks to health, this will continue towards making competent in health and safety matters and also to develop a culture towards it.

Where health and safety working becomes second nature to everyone.

Documents and Records

Reporting forms

This module can collect and consolidate H&S metric data relevant to our process, view analysis dashboards and generate report to monitor performance and its enable to take proactively resolve hazards before a tragic or costly incident occurs and its expose the valuable information that otherwise might not be discussed.

It helps to develop a positive and necessary attitude towards health and safety.

OH&S Management System Procedure

Health and safety policies and procedures are essential for our workplace because it shows that our commitment to work within a set of health and safety principles and clarify function and responsibilities in our business.

Workplace health and safety procedures are the documented processes that guide working practices in our business; these include specific procedures that set out step-by-step instructions for carrying out a job or task.

Life Saving Rule


Vision Statement

Building the safety leadership is a fundamental part of our business by taking individual accountability to remain safe and return home at end of their day

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VEPL alcohol and drug policy

Mission statement

We committed to providing employees with safe, healthy and supportive environment in which to work

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